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So this was week two of my book touring for the summer.

I’ve got 7 events between last weekend (Chicago) and the end of August when I go on a long awaited vacation. Then I’ll be back and promoting the release of A Story To Kill. A Story to Kill book final comp

This weekend was Bowling Green KY for the Southern Kentucky Book Fest. SOKY bookfest

So much fun. Lots of readers, lots of authors, book nirvana.

Next week I’ll be heading to Milwaukee to meet up with 500 of Barbara Vey’s closest friends for the annual Reader’s Appreciation Luncheon. I’ve got some special giveaways just for my table that I hope they enjoy. BV-Readers-TV

Then a weekend off, and, I’m back to Chicago for BookCon.

A signing in St Charles with a fellow local mystery author is on May 21st, and then in June, I’m going back to Chicago for Printer’s Row.

Then in July, I’m flying out to San Diego to party (and learn of course) with the romance writers and will be signing on Wednesday July 13th in the literary signing. (Hopefully.)Kensington-1001

But today, I’m tired. And I have five more events to go. And a book due July 1st. photo-1432821596592-e2c18b78144f

If you see me winding down during one of these events, feed me chocolate. That always seems to help. 🙂


Refilling the well

This weekend was filled with reading, fun, and a little work. Coming off hip replacement, I’ve had a lot of time to sit and think, but not a lot of energy to clean. This weekend, I got at least some of that back.

Yes, I’m still recovering, but I’m hopeful.

What do you do to re-fill the well?

I leave you today with two things – one this picture of the creek at sunset this weekend. IMG_0064 (1)

And two, an invitation to next weekend’s Author Expo. If you’re in the Chicago area, I’ll love to meet up with you. I’ll have all my Tourist Trap series available for purchase as well as some cool swag. author expo

Hope to see you soon.

Every time I get near the end of a book, I freeze. My husband, the cowboy, has to assure me that yes, I will finish the damn book. And I will be mostly on time. camera shots 092614 300

He gently leads me back to the manuscript and away from my casino slot games, reminding me of my task.

And each time, I hate him for it.

But today, since the book is in my gentle editor’s hands, and she’s even confirmed it’s receipt, I am feeling a little less animosity toward my true partner in crime. By the end of the week, I will have forgotten all about it. Until I start writing the end of the next book.

So, yes, I’m done. My plans for this week are to take it easy, finish a short, write two blogs (one you’re reading), and dig into the edits for my agent on my new series proposal. Oh, and I have a library event on Thursday. Easy peasy, right?Kirkwood

My accountability partner said for a week off, I’ve got a lot of work packed in there. For me, it’s hard to slam on the brakes and take some time off. I’m trying though.

This weekend it’s all about spring cleaning. Do I know how to party or what? IMG_20140723_142415_618

Then next week, I return to South Cove to see what Jill and the gang have been up too. It’s been a while, and I’m missing my imaginary friends.

How do you relax? I admit, I need some pointers.

Oh, and if you want to get an early copy of Tea Cups and Carnage, Kensington has a giveaway going on over on Goodreads. Click here… Ends April 13th. tea cups and carnage

I’m always amazed at the wonderful experiences I get to have as an author.

Yesterday, after writing about half the words I needed to get down, I drove over to the grocery store and bought mini cupcakes and cookies for my signing at Main Street Books in historic St. Charles, MO. photo-1432821596592-e2c18b78144f

I love this store. I’m always finding new and fun things to buy along with coming home with a list of books to add to my TBR pile someday. Right now, I’m suffering from a book abundance (total first world problem) and I can’t commit to any new reads for a while. Except one. I did bring one home because you just can’t turn down a Joe Hill read. MSB_Logo_wCircle_RGB

In addition to great product (ask about signed Tourist Trap books while you’re there), the store also has amazing customers. I loved chatting with readers about the series, especially the woman who walked in and said she had all of my books already. Way to make an author smile! IMG_0024

One woman is moving to the central coastline of California so she saw my author visit as a sign she needed to buy a book. I totally agreed. (grin)

The best part is when I get to talk to kids about being an author. They love the idea of meeting someone who created a book. Someone who weaves stories. And I love the fact that kids still get lost in books, even with all of the entertainment opportunities out there for our new generation.

So bottom line? If you celebrate the season, I hope you stuck at least one book in the Easter basket you built for today.

And if not, random gifts of reading are always appreciated. 18131

What are you reading?



Wish in one hand…

This was probably one of my mom’s favorite, if cruder bits of wisdom she passed on to me.

I like the more fairy tale version… If wishes were horses, all beggars would ride.


But both of them come around to the same idea. You can’t just wish something into being.

Here’s where all The Secret and Affirmation fans stop reading. LOL But I believe that works too, IF, you add a little elbow grease into the mix.

Luck equals opportunity plus hard work. photo-1436390195361-c3c86efcf48b

Yep, I’m just full of these mantra’s today. 🙂

I guess what’s got me going off is people saying I get so much done. And then they add, “I don’t know how you do it.” What I want to respond is, “Honey, I get half of what I want to get done.” But instead, I smile and start talking strategies to reach goals. I’m a firm believer in an overflowing to do list.

I woke up thinking about a project (non-fiction) that I have a perfect venue to announce and get it started. All I need is to develop a website and some marketing material. By July. I’ve been thinking about this project for at least two years now, maybe as many as eight years.

Today it’s going on my calendar to be done in July.

And it’s going on my to do list.

It moved from a wish to a task. And if you have had this issue in your life, or the lives of your loved ones, I think you’re going to love the final result.photo-1441448770220-76743f9e6af6

At least I hope so.

So, after that cryptic intro, what are you thinking about doing? What’s on your bucket list that you need to move to the to do list for today (or this week, this year)?

I’d love to hear your dreams.

And no, I just don’t mean today where we just literally lost an hour due to Day-light-savings-time. I look forward to the future where we reminisce about that silly Spring Forward-Fall Back thing we used to do.


I’m getting ready for my last full week at home. I’m still attending PT twice a week, I’ve got two other doctor appointments, a lunch with a writer friend, and two talks to local groups. Next week is packed. And I have an end of the month deadline.

I’m not sure I can fit another 40 hour work week into my schedule. But I will. Somehow.

camera shots 092614 282

Not my writing desk.

Because I love being an author. And right now, being an author means working a side job too. Hugh Howey, author of Wool, talked about what he thinks you need to be a successful writer. (Check out the full post here, it’s worth it if you’re on this writer’s path with me.)

The skinny according to Hugh? You have to work harder than anyone else.

I had lunch with a successful local self-published author and talked about being a writer. Work we can plan. Word count, how to get the book out there, what to promote, when to go free (if at all), release schedules, conferences, all things we can plan and focus on to be successful.

camera shots 092614 300

Then I told her I was having problems planning for the other parts of my life, like developing the ‘other Lynn.’ She laughed and said she had the same issue. Work takes over and Hugh’s right, you have to work harder than the next person. But you also have to live a life outside of your writing.

So that’s my challenge this year. How to balance everything on my plate and still come up smiling when a few peas fall off the edge.

First personal goal? To regain my health. And that means getting up and walking or working out during the day.  I’m putting time on my schedule now. 033012_1138_TheThingsTh1.jpg



Leaping for Joy

Okay, so that’s a stretch. I’m actually walking unassisted for short periods after becoming a bionic woman with not one but two hip replacements in the last two years. Yay me!

“I am titanium…” Yes, I’ve been listening to old X-factor videos with The Cowboy. He’s a lot like me in loving watching people work hard and reach for a dream. He was furious when Adam Lambert lost on American Idol and now that Steven Tyler isn’t a judge, I can’t get him to watch the last season with me.


This time of year is always MUST SEE TV for me. I’ve got Project Runway All Stars and Top Chef and American Idol to watch. All three of these take people who have a gift and a dream to succeed and put them on the fast track for their lives.


Head down, butt in chair. I don’t think American Author would have the same audience pull. “Tonight the contestants wrote a horror short story just for you. They’ll read the first twenty pages and YOU, America, get to chose who goes on to your Top Eight.”

American Idol

Yeah, not so much. But the good news is they could have mentors like Stephen King or Nora Roberts working with the group. And they couldn’t have an upper age limit. There are a lot of first time authors who wait until they retire to pursue their dream. I’d so sign up for that. The chance at 10 weeks of best selling story tellers mentoring you on your writing? Heaven.


Instead, today I am at my keyboard, looking at the week ahead and reaching for some higher word counts. I have 32 days before a deadline (but who’s counting) and the story is mostly still swirling around in my head.

What would my imaginary mentor Nora tell me? Sit in the damn chair and write the book.


I think it’s good advice.

What about you? What are you doing with your 366th day this year? Anything special?


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